Cleveland Family History Society

At Sedgefield, we are one of the branches of Cleveland Family History Society. The parent Society was formed in 1980 and the area of interest is South Durham and North Yorkshire as shown on the map.The Society covers a very varied area, from the industrial towns around the Tees, the old Durham coalfield areas to the south of Durham City, the large agricultural areas of the Durham and North Yorkshire Dales and the North Yorks Moors and coast.

Cleveland Family History Society publishes a quarterly journal full of members’ articles, genealogical information and it is where you could find another member with the same family interests as your own.

The main society has a website with an extensive online shop selling transcripts of parish registers and monumental inscriptions etc.

In addition, there is a forum on the main site where members can find further information, ask others for help and hints and perhaps help others with their questions.

Click this link to take you to the main site: